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Michigan Snow Removal Services can be hard to find! How will you spend this winter? Will you stand by the window looking out at the new snowfall and say "it sure looks cold out there and snow looks heavy and I really don't want to go out and clear the sidewalks and driveway"? Or will you stand inside with a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and say "it sure looks cold out there and the snow looks heavy, I'm really glad I called Michigan Snow Removal Services and I don't have to go out and clear the sidewalks and driveway"?

The winter of 2010/2011 was one of the snowiest years on record in the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan. With the heat of the summer of 2011, the winter of 2011/2012 looks to be another year for major snowfall in southeast Michigan. As the summer heats up all of the water surrounding us here in Michigan, once winter arrives there will be more moisture in the air to turn into snow and the winter snow storms look to be at times even heavier than they were last year.

Take the work and drudgery out of making sure that your residential sidewalks and driveways are are and free of snow and ice this winter with our professional snow removal services. Let someone else get out there in the cold and wind while you stay warm and dry inside and simply watch as our professional snow removal crews do the work. Sign up now for a full winter season of knowing that while the snow is falling and blowing, that you can rest assured that you will not have to face the tough job of making sure that your home is free and clear of ice and snow. Sign up now and and know that you can stay indoors and not worry about how deep the next major snowfall will accumulate.

We'll be there when you need us with snow blowers and snow shovels at the ready to take on the laborious and potential health hazardous task of clearing all of the snow off your property to assure that all walks and drives are passable. Most cities in metro Detroit are becoming tougher on snow removal on residential property. They are beginning to issue tickets to homeowners that do not properly clear the snow from their walks within a specified time. THe costs of these fines vary by municipality along with enforcement, however, as more local governments become cash strapped, they are all looking for ways to increase revenues. Issuing citations for non-compliance with local snow removal ordinances is an easy way for them to generate needed cash. Will you be the one to pay your local city or will you take the steps now to assure that your property will be in compliance?

We make it easy for you to be sure that you won't be out in the cold and and wind working and doing heavy lifting of snow at a low seasonal cost. The peace of mind you will receive from knowing that that winter will be easy on you in terms of residential snow removal makes signing up with us an easy decision. Why not fill out your information now and go into the winter months knowing that you won't need to be concerned with heavy snowfall and residential snow clearing or removal chores this winter.

Our residential michigan snow removal coverage area in Michigan includes: Livonia, Canton, Novi, Northville, Garden City, Westland

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